The My LIBOR Project Self Assessment provides you with a summary overview of your readiness for LIBOR Reform.

In 10 minutes this diagnostic will help your organisation's readiness for LIBOR reform and highlight those areas where action may be needed to move your LIBOR reform project forward.


  • LIBOR Reform readiness with 7 sections

  • Consisting of 37 questions

  • Answered on a 5-point scale

  • At your own time and pace

  • Providing clear and simple results

  • “ It's not unusual to find key aspects of LIBOR reform still creating uncertainty for corporates. Corporates need to develop transition plans now, setting out key activities and resources required to transition to these alternative rates, and then refine them as the industry and regulators clarify the biggest unknowns. "
    Chris Raftopoulos

  • “ The replacement of LIBOR will not be straightforward. Careful coordination of efforts across the organisation, including Treasury, Finance, IT, Legal and Tax will be essential to avoiding any last minute surprises. "
    Yann Umbricht

  1. Chris Raftopoulos

  2. Yann Umbricht

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